The Box & Banish Method

By | January 16, 2018

Box & Banish is an alternative to the Four Box method. Whereas the latter method nibbles away at clutter bit-by-bit, Box and Banish is a drastic, clear-it-out effort which transports clutter out of our living areas – to be dealt with later.

Box & Banish is simple- gather all clutter from counters, drawers, chairs, tables, floors, bathrooms, dressing tables wardrobes – wherever it may linger. Place the clutter into boxes or bags, and stack it somewhere outside the living area. Work until all areas are clutter-free.

Next – open each bag or box one at a time, as with the Four Box method, decide whether each item should be thrown away, put away, stored, or given away/sold.

The main advantage of the Box & Banish method is that it is quick and it creates instant results. Furthermore, clearing clutter away quickly sparks motivation and enthusiasm. On the down side, energies can often flag before the Box & Banish de-clutterer reaches the end of the boxed clutter. The effort waivers and the clutter remains, ageing gently in bags and boxes as it becomes surrounded in new layers of clutter. Nevertheless, if you are fiercely motivated and determined to complete the de-clutter process, Box & Banish is an option that jumpstarts organisation efforts with fast results if you don’t want climate controlled storage nj.

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