Fat loss and the Atkins Diet.

By | February 13, 2018

Although the Atkins Diet is a very effective diet it is still considered to be a fad diet for it is typically used for short periods of time with exaggerated zeal before abruptly being terminated.  But unlike the majority of fad diets this diet does not simply rid the body of  weight (water and muscle tissue) but rather allows its users to attain fat loss.  The Atkins Diet is typically used for short periods of time because of the negative side effects.  Negative side effects from attaining fat loss with this diet include sleeplessness, hunger, irritability, nausea, fatigue, constipation and headaches.

The onset of the negative side effects begins almost immediately with the Atkins Diet for the average dieter is used to eating a high carb, low protein diet.  This new way of eating will indeed cause fat loss to occur at the fastest rate possible but in doing so will also shock the body which in turn will need time to adjust to its new way of eating.  Unfortunately, dieters typically terminate the use of the Atkins Diet before it has a chance to show its true power.  Other diets that cause fat loss to occur without such negative side effects include the Zone Diet, the Caveman Diet and the Fat Burning Diet.

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